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Hydraulic Cylinder - Vivek Engineering

  • Tipper Hydraulic Cylinder

    A Tipper cylinder is also known as a side-tipper cylinder and a sloping truck cylinder. This type of cylinder is used at a great scale in the industrial transportation industry, such as manufacturing vehicles like dump trucks and excavations. The tipper hydraulic cylinder comprises cylinder rams, trunnion pins, an advanced sealing system, profile wipers, piston bearings and rods, and an external stopper ring

  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder

    Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder is crucial equipment used in several industries like civil or construction industry, agriculture, marine, power stations such as hydroelectric stations, automotive, food production industries, and many more. The heavy duty cylinder comprises a piston, barrel, bolted head and cap, a base, piston rod, welded port, flange, or rod end. Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder is also known as a mill-type hydraulic cylinder due to its application in harsh environments in industries.

  • Industrial Hydraulic Cylinder

    Industrial Hydraulic cylinders, also known as linear hydraulic motors, are mechanical actuators that convert the hydraulic energy of the pressurized fluids into mechanical energy. These hydraulic cylinders have applications in industries like agriculture, construction, aviation, aerospace, machining, oil and gas, and many others. The major components of the hydraulic cylinder include cylinder barrel, cylinder base, cylinder head, piston, piston rod, and seal land.

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