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Rahul Sanghvi, a travel enthusiast and an always young at heart businessman from Ahmedabad, India. Rahul is an established businessman in the heart of the business hub in India. With an ardent passion to travel and an enthusiastic heart to share the experiences with travellers across the globe. He decided to take this a step further by channelizing his efforts in bringing customised travel solutions and itineraries for people of all ages with their heart set on travel. With an experience of travelling to 45 countries he has acquired a keen taste and an experienced eye for travel. Some of the places that have inspired him are Turkey, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Letvia, Australia, USA and China. An ardent music lover and an excellent photographer- Rahul has evolved his thoughts and experiences to a wider horizon of innovative and artistic curation along with a knack for business. Tripology is his way of sharing the personally experienced Travel Itineraries with the right customisations for each Travel Lover! There will never be a day when you will not wake up to an amazing view or a beautiful sunrise, a heartfelt hospitality or an inspiration from within. Somewhere when you travel, where it takes you to are all the places that become a part of you. As they say… “For each one their own”

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