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Specially Designed for continuous industrial operation Eco friendly combustion Very low Sox-Nox which completely under limit of pollution control board Lower cost of fuel compared to Oil (HSD/LDO/FO) & Gas (LPG/PNG/CNG/Propane) Minimum guaranteed 30 to 50% savings in fuel cost. Easy to store, Handle, Transport of pellets Auto adjusting modulating firing mode based on feedback of process temp/pressure Provision of Manual mode operation in the case if PLC fails Storage Silo provision for fuel storage & to avoid frequent re-filling of fuel during process Equal quality, un- interrupted availability of pellets,all the seasons Very small ash content as residue after burning i.e. @5% Highly efficient (90-95% ὴ) controlled combustion with PLC controlled elect panel Low power consumption Clean & Silent operation Compact sized installation compare to Wood Gasifier system Very few modification is required to replace existing Oil & Gas burner Highest range of capacity available in India

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