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Drainage Waste and Vent (D.W.V) System - Pavitra Environment Technologies


    SATKRITIDRAIN is an easy use formulated product which helps in drain maintenance. SATKRITIDRAIN is a stable, high-count blend of efficient and target specific eco-microbes and enzymes that provide immediate results. It is helps in eliminating build-up of organic materials and odor. It also reduces chances of drain blockage emergency, if used in routine. The application includes tackling complex organic/ grease load in to drain system. SATKRITIDRAIN makes drain system work more effectively, provides a, cleaner effluent and often reduce the required pumping frequency. SATKRITIDRAIN contains a mixture of various enzymes and ecomicroorganism, which immediately start to degrade the organic waste. The nutrient salts present in SATKRITIDRAIN help to create a medium for the microbes to produce additional enzymes, which are capable to degrade complex waste with high BOD [biological oxygen demand], TSS [total suspended solids] and COD [chemical oxygen demand].

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