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  • LITAGG SPM - Sand-free Light mix screed mortar

    ₹500 / 25 KG

    Litagg-SPM Sand free Pre-Mixed dry mortars are manufactured under controlled conditions of selection and blending to suit specific application needs and have numerous advantages over Jobsite mixes. Convenience for applications for all small to large construction projects Litagg SPM is supplied adding lightweight aggregates for wide application as Lightweight Waterproofing Insulating Concrete Mortar Litagg SPM is customized for easy transportation, handling, and application. It is easy to operate (DO It Yourself ) or INSITU by adding and mixing cement and water. With additives to be added for enhancement of properties Litagg SPM makes convenient and efficient way for application saves : Energy, Time and Space for storage

Building Materials

  • nodullar -Lightweight Aggregates for screed mortar


    Nodullär aggregates are round in shape with a coarse texture, off white / ivory-colored with a cellular structure inside, is pelletized and processed resulting in a light, porous, aerated modules with a tough outer shell aggregate, used for roof/heat insulation. In addition each of the Nodullär balls also acts to form of geometric barrier which helps to displace and irradiates heat over a larger surface area the air entrapped thus , reduces the rate of heat transfer compared with dense, natural aggregates. Resulting the use of Nodullär in concrete improves, (i.e. reduces) the thermal conductivity. Therefore , the thermal properties of Nodullär have been used widely to improve thermal insulation in buildings and structures.

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