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  • Mechanical Vacuum Booster System Pump

    IVC Pumps Private Limited based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter of Mechanical Vacuum Booster System Pump which are available in both Water-cooled & Air-cooled models. The design terminology of our offered Mechanical Vacuum Booster System Pump is highly efficient. Construction of Vacuum Booster Compressor involves Two Counter Rotating Rotor (Lobe) with a Special Contour. These Rotate with a Very Finite and Sharp Clearance and without any Physical Contact. Variance in design offers Twin Lobe Booster in air cooled or water-cooled execution. The Booster are Relatively Consume Less Power and Deliver High Performance. They provide and Improvement in Vacuum of the Order of 0.001 Torr. They Generate Higher Pumping Speeds and That too at Low Pressure. The Boosters are used in series with any Vacuum Pumps Like Watering, Oil Seal and Dry Type or Ejector. The Booster are help to achieve a reduce Downtime for Vacuum Machine. They are Properly installed and Maintain Well, they provide years of Uninterrupted Service.

  • Single Stage Water ring Vacuum Pump

    IVC Pumps Private Limited is manufacturer, supplier & exporter Top notch Single Stage Water-Ring Vacuum pump based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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